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Surrendering your pet

REALITY: Owning a pet is expensive, but owners cannot expect rescue to solve their pet financial problems. Yes, animal shelters were created to manage unwanted pets, but it breaks our hearts when thousands of happy, healthy pets have to be euthanized each year because owners didn't care or think enough about their welfare. It regularly takes more than the few days given by a busy shelter to find their new home. Do you want your dog's life ended by chance or


? NO DUMPING ALLOWED!!!! Pets may not have the same value for all people, but it matters to us why you have a pet or why you no longer want to keep it. As animal welfare advocates, we consider all our foster animals and pets a valuable family companion; not just some objective tangible merchandise to buy, throw away, destroy, or exchange on impulse. We believe dumping your pet at a shelter one of the most thoughtless, irresponsible acts a pet owner can make. Despite your own emotional needs, please consider your pet's future welfare as well.


There are solutions! Animals are not perfect, any more than a human can be. Pets will get sick, injured, misbehave. Mistakes can be made, just as unpredictable problems and changes can happen in your life. Since we care about you and your pet, we can teach you to solve your own problems, how you can manage your pet better, or at minimum, help direct your pet's placement into a responsible new home.


Making the decision to give up a dog is difficult. You know the dog depends on you and will be confused and lost when you leave it. He/she may become depressed, aggressive, or otherwise unadoptable and be forced to euthanize over the stress of the situation. We firmly believe that if you want to be a responsible pet owner, to humanely offer your pet a second chance, we must have your involvement in the transition process. We need your personalized input, medical history, and background to better place these dogs. You know your pet better than we will. Just because we are experienced in the breed does not make us an expert on your pet. Your insight is invaluable!


Volunteer rescue organizations such as ours cannot take in unwanted pets unnecessarily. We have a limited budget and small number of available foster homes to care for these animals until a home is found. It remains our highest and foremost priority to help pets stay with their original owners as long as possible.


Dogs with no homes are given foster home priority over owner turn ins. We are extremely disappointed to report that we often do not have enough foster homes as it is for known shelter dogs, and feel terrible when we have to choose only the most adoptable purebred pets in local time-based shelters as we can. Since you've taken the first step by contacting us, we know you want to be responsible as the pet's owner and hope you can leave the dog in place, or at minimum board him/her until space becomes available. When we have space available, we do take dogs from owners who must give up their pets. Until that time, we will provide the necessary emotional or training support as we can.


Rescue Fees: While we empathize with those pet owners that must give up pets because they can no longer afford them, we encourage you to make a donation to rescue. We use this fee to cover the initial costs of neuter/spay, vet exam, heart worm testing, vaccinations, rabies, heart worm prevention, grooming, food, advertising, sometimes boarding expenses, and long distance phone calls to place the dog. The average rescue costs approximately $275-$300, so we need your financial support to remain a viable resource for our community. And if we are going to take over the responsibility of your pet problem, the least that you do is help with the expenses.


1. We only take in dogs that appear to be pure-bred Shar-Pei. We do not require that the dog be papered, however if you have the papers, it will help us place the dog if you provide them. We require that the owner provide all documentation, like vet records and AKC papers, and things the dog is familiar with, like leashes, food, bowls, etc. We want to know the history of this dog, like any and all medical treatments, training, environment, and where you got the dog, which will help us find the dog's breeder -- they will often want to help find one of their dogs a good home.


2. If the dog has ever bitten anyone or shows signs of aggression towards people we will not take him/her.


3. We will only take a dog if we have available space. If we do not have available space, we can put up notices on rescue lists, bulletin boards, and web pages on the World Wide Web, we can try to find a home for her.


Animal shelters and rescue groups cannot solve the problem. Spay or Neuter your Pet today! BE A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER!


Contact Information: 931/580-3650 (cell) lovethosepei@gmail.com.